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No More Excuses! I’ve listed some of my favorite professional tools and technology platforms that everyone can use to stay focused, effective and efficient.

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I’m in love with Adobe! Every professional designer must be well versed in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

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This software manages my life, literally. Asana is hands down the best task manager on the market.

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Are you sending proposals online? If so, Bidsketch it the best online solution to send simple but effective proposals.

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Evernote is Mandatory! There is enough hype online about Evernote and for good reason, this software is a must have.

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There are numerous online payment solutions but Freshbooks is perfect for small business entrepreneurs.

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Google G Suite

Google is Google, say no mas! Manage every aspect of your business using Google Business Apps and related software.

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The best CRM for small business entrepreneurs on the market. I’ve tried everything but nothing is better than Insightly.

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MailChimp is the best email application to engage your audience and generate sales through Email Marketing.

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Rightsignature is essential for every business. This is your go-top platform for simple and easy electronic signatures.

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Sketch App

No Sketch App - No Bowser! This is my favorite application in the industry the Sketch App is irreplaceable.

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Toggl is your Timekeeper. Keep accurate time sheets using one of the most robust systems on the market.

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I’ve learned there is no substitute for WordPress, this platform is widely used for a reason!

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You Need A Budget

Money Rules the World! Get your dough in order using this amazing online financial management application.