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Unveiling Greatness: Rise of Cool Ass Black Woman

From a bold idea to an influential brand, Cool Ass Black Woman now stands as a pillar of African-American empowerment and unity.

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Project Overview

The Birth of a Cool Ass Black Woman Story

Founded by Ashley Glaspie, our collaboration with Cool Ass Black Woman set the stage for an influential brand, deeply rooted in the celebration of black womanhood.

At its core, Cool Ass Black Woman is a celebration of authenticity, diversity, and the powerful voice of black women.

The Problem

Setting the Stage to break Generational Barriers

Cool Ass Black Woman’s journey began with a crucial need to define and differentiate its voice in the collective narrative of black empowerment.

Brand Identity Crisis

Struggling to create a unique brand image in the competitive niche of black empowerment.

Lack of Cultural Representation

The challenge to authentically represent and celebrate black women and their accomplishments.

Finding the Right Market Position

The challenge was to find the right tone, message and position to stand out in the market.

The Real Problem

Cool Ass Black Woman had 0% Market Share

Cool Ass Black Woman began at ground zero, with no share in a vibrant market, ready to carve out a space for authentic representation and empowerment.

Website traffic was Less than 10 visits per week
Social media presence was non-existent with 0 Followers
Company Sales Were $0

Actions Taken

Crafting the Cool Ass Black Woman Brand

Developed a Comprehensive Brand Strategy

Forged a strategic roadmap aligning Cool Ass Black Woman’s vision with actionable brand milestones.

Established a Strong Visual Identity

Created a visual identity that resonates with the core values of empowerment and elegance inherent to the brand.

Curated a Cohesive Color Palette

Chose a color scheme that reflects strength and luxury, vital for the brand's appeal to African-American women.

Designed a Timeless Logo

Crafted a timeless logo to symbolize unity and power, ensuring brand longevity across various platforms.

Developed Merchandise

Expanded the brand's reach with merchandise that carries the essence of Cool Ass Black Woman's mission.

Collaborated with Influencers

Cool Ass Black Women went on to partner with influencers who embody the brand ethos.

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The Results

Cool Ass Black Woman's Resounding Success

Cool Ass Black Woman’s strategic branding ignited a cultural wave, now boasting a vibrant community and a robust, loyal customer base

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Sales Increase

Customer Retention
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Cool Ass Black Woman
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Cool Ass Black Man
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Steady Conversion Rates
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Customer base Expanded from Single to Triple Digits
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Compounding Results

Cool Ass Black Woman's Ongoing Impact

Cool Ass Black Woman didn’t just launch a brand; they sparked a movement, continuing to inspire and empower well beyond inception.

Ongoing Community Events

Cool Ass Black Woman consistently organizes empowering events, fostering a strong, supportive community and reinforcing its mission.

Consistent Product Line Expansion

The brand regularly introduces new, culturally resonant products, continually expanding its line to meet the diverse needs of its audience.

Ever-growing Social Media Influence

Through engaging content and authentic interactions, Cool Ass Black Woman's social media influence continues to reach a wider audience.

Continued Advocacy for Black Women

Cool Ass Black Woman remains steadfast in its advocacy, continuously championing the empowerment and celebration of black women.

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