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Redefining Blend Beauty Bar's Brand New Look

Elevating beauty with a sleek, modern twist – Blend Beauty Bar’s now flaunts a luxurious identity because the rebrand is was hit.

Project Overview

The Beauty Behind Blend: A Branding Tale

A luxurious logo, elegant signage, and a chic menu – our full-scale rebrand catapulted Blend Beauty Bar into the beauty elite of Las Vegas and LA.

At the heart of Las Vegas, Blend Beauty Bar stands as a sanctuary of beauty, elegance and wellness.

The Problem

Fading Beauty: Blend Beauty Bar's Brand Dilemma

Blend Beauty Bar’s expertise was overshadowed by an outdated brand image, failing to capture the Las Vegas market’s attention.

Dull Outdated Branding

Blend Beauty Bar's previous branding lacked the luster needed to shine in the competitive beauty landscape of Las Vegas.

Low Visibility due to Market Mismatch

Amidst Las Vegas' glitz, Blend Beauty Bar's subtle presence was lost, failing to resonate with the city's vibrant clientele.

Website Engagement Lag

Blend Beauty Bar's digital engagement was trailing, with an online experience that didn't captivate or convert its beauty-seeking audience.

The Real Problem

Website Conversion Rates Stalled Below .5%

In an industry ruled by appearance, Blend’s initial numbers reflected a need for a makeover. At a mere 5% brand recognition, Blend Beauty Bar was Las Vegas’ best-kept secret.

SEO Ranking < 100 for Top Keywords
Social engagement at 8%
>10,00 Monthly Website Visits a .5% Conversion Rate

Actions Taken

Strategic Steps to Rebrand The Beauty Bar

Conducted a Complete Brand Audit

Explored market depths to fuse vintage-modern trends, tailoring a niche for A Vintage Rapport.

Developed a Fresh & Modern Logo

Forged a brand strategy spotlighting A Vintage Rapport's unique appeal in a classic market.

Created a Luxurious In-Store Menu

Crafted a logo that distills mid-century chic, embodying A Vintage Rapport's timeless ethos.

Updated the Website for Optimal User Experience

Established a unified visual identity, weaving A Vintage Rapport's essence into every medium.

Implemented a targeted SEO strategy

Narrating A Vintage Rapport's saga with visuals that capture and convey its storied legacy.

Enhanced In-Store Customer Experience

Used social media's reach to position A Vintage Rapport's brandmark, growing a dedicated base.

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The Results

The Glow-Up: Blend Beauty Bar's Results

Post-rebrand, Blend Beauty Bar blossoms with increased engagement, capturing the essence of modern luxury. Blend’s new brand identity mirrors the opulence of its services, drawing in a crowd eager for beauty matched by luxury.


New Client Increase

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Customer Retention
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Compounding Results

Blend Beauty Bar's Continued Success

Blend’s rebranding success has blossomed into lasting growth, with its beauty echoing beyond Las Vegas.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Brand Today?

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