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Amor Fans: Crafting a Stage for Stars

Our strategy took Amor Fans from a vision to an international talent management powerhouse.

Project Overview

Behind the Curtain of Building an Amor Fan

Amor Fans redefined talent management with a stunning brand identity and strategic web presence, capturing the essence of Las Vegas glam and global reach.

Amor Fans, a talent management agency hailing from Las Vegas, boasts global aspirations and universal allure.

The Problem

Unseen Talent was Amor Fans Initial Hurdle

Amor Fans faced obscurity in a neon city, needing a brand to match their vision of managing the stars of tomorrow.

Needed a brand as bold as Vegas itself

Amor Fans sought a brand identity as luminous and daring as Vegas' own iconic sparkle.

Lack of online visibility for talent

Talent shone bright, yet online presence needed to mirror their brilliance.

SEO absence in a digital-first industry

In a web-centric world, Amor Fans required an SEO strategy to spotlight its talent.

The Real Problem

SEO ranking outside the top 100 for industry keywords

Prior to their brand launch, Amor Fans was grappling with low visibility, reflected in minimal brand recognition and meager web traffic. Their online presence was negligible with SEO rankings, social media engagement, and conversion rates all performing well below industry standards.

Conversion rates languishing below 2%
Initial web traffic stalled at under 100 visits
Brand recognition pre-launch at 5%

Actions Taken

The Amor Fans Brand Strategy Blueprint

Revitalized Brand Identity

We infused Amor Fans with a vibrant brand identity, capturing the Vegas spirit and its global aspirations, priming them for the spotlight.

Optimize Web Presence

Crafted a compelling website for Amor Fans, optimized for user experience and designed to showcase talent, increasing web traffic exponentially.

Strategic SEO Overhaul

Implemented a robust SEO strategy, propelling Amor Fans to the top of search results and dramatically boosting their online discoverability.

Expansive Influencer Collaborations

Forged strategic partnerships with models to elevate Amor Fans' profile, expanding their reach within the talent industry.

Targeted Content Marketing

Developed a targeted content strategy for Amor Fans that narrated their story, engaged audiences, and enhanced their industry authority.

Conversion Optimization

Optimized conversion pathways on all digital platforms for Amor Fans, resulting in a significant uplift in their conversion rates and ROI.

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The Results

Amor Fans Enjoys Digital Breakthrough

With over 2,000 monthly visits, Amor Fans’ website transforms into a bustling hub for showcasing and connecting top-tier talent.


New Signups Increase

Post-Launch Web Visitors
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