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I write to express that which is buried in my soul. Deep within the hidden places of your being, you’ll find the most important asset in life! Deep within the hidden places of your spirit, you’ll find God and yourself.

I love to write about faith, life and business! I enjoy expressing myself through the written word and language...

There are many writers in the world and I respect them all. Writing is a form of expression that allows people to see the invisible aspects of that person. I write to share my experience with the world hoping that in doing so I can reach people and teach others what I’ve learned along the way. Writing has been a form of expression for thousands of years, nothing has changed but the form to which it is expressed.

Writing and Speaking are synonymous to me, the same coin, different sides. My writing only focuses on faith, life and business. In 2017 I believe that it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to manage and/or maintain these three fundamental aspects of life. Therefore, my passion for each subject, along with the need for education has pushed me to express myself through the written word to help others.

What I write about

I only write 3 fundamental aspects of life which include faith, life and business. Nothing more, nothing less!

  • Faith - This is the foundation for all human achievement. Faith in God, self and others is the starting point for all human success.
  • Life - Be Whole! It’s important to understand the game and take life seriously. There is no reset button, balance, action and reading is the key to wholeness.
  • Business - Faith and Life can be difficult when you’re broke! I’m from the hood, I never went to Harvard or had rich parents. If I can dig out my pre-dug grave of despair, you can too!
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Old school television in the middle of the street
Cut Off The TV & Put Down Your Phone

March 1, 2017

My fear is that this generation will lose it’s soul! My fear is that this generation will become the first generation to start the collapse of man. We live in a time of great uncertainty, amid chaos, confusion and destruction. I hear some say...

People working in a Coffee Shop
The True Definition of a Freelancer

February 19, 2017

What is the true definition of a freelancer? To the average person, a freelancer is someone who is still learning the business. A freelancer is still getting their feet in the mud of mediocrity. To an average person, a freelancer is a title for a...