Support Services

Delegate! Work with one reliable designer who will provide ongoing graphic/web support for your growing business.

Have a designer on call when emergencies happen — because they will happen...

The power of delegation is peace of mind; one less thing to worry about while you grow and/or maintain your business. Support services is the most important step you can take to ensure you will compete and succeed in the marketplace.

Our Support Services work in 2 ways, the (1) being Inbox Triage, which is considered A la carte. This way is much more expensive with a slower turn around time due to the fact that we have to halt other projects and/or find time in our system to get the tasks completed. As tasks emerge and emergencies occur — which they will; we will get the job done.

The (2) and more effective Support Service package we offer is a Monthly Retainer. This way has a quicker turn around time and is much more extensive because we have a better understanding (previous working relationship) and/or foreknowledge to help you compete in the marketplace. We understand your company, your business, your competition and we use all our knowledge and team effort to win.

For our monthly retainer we identify a Support Service Package with pre-identified core tasks (i.e create flyers, update website, review Google Analytics) to complete, learn, better our strategies and become more effective! Overall, monthly retainer is the way to go for long lasting success.

Our support services solutions

We offer 2 different type of support service solutions for our clients. What you need will depend on your company goals and/or what your looking for.

  • Inbox Triage (A la carte) - Our on-demand triage solution is great for clients that need a reliable designer/developer on call to handle emergencies and solve problems! Although more expensive and a slower turnaround (3-5 days) than our monthly retainer, you can rest assure we will get the job done.
  • Monthly Retainer - Gain monthly access to exclusive B&B services and put your design/development needs on auto pilot. This solution is much more extensive and effective, with a quicker turn (1-3 days) around because we have a better idea and/or foreknowledge to help your company compete in the marketplace.

Who are you?

You are somebody who is serious about your business! No disrespect, but if you’re half way in and half way out when it comes to your business and/or entrepreneurial duties please don’t contact me to work together; but we can be friends :) I’m serious about what I do and I want to work with people who are serious about what they do, if this is you let’s get to work.

So how much does this cost?

Our prices depend on so many factors, it’s impossible to give an accurate answer in one sentence. For Inbox Triage it all depends on the type of tasks you want to complete and/or the level of effort it will take. Generally, we’ve seen inbox triage projects range anywhere between $100.00 - $7,500.00 for a given period of time.

Our monthly retainer starts at $100.00 but we have some clients who invest tens of thousands for a host of monthly, quarterly and yearly B&B services.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested but why don’t I just use services like Fiverr to get my work done?

Great question, quality & effectiveness! Fiverr is a great service for people flirting with the idea of business, but for serious startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs — services like Fiverr is something you want to stay away from. Many of the items you purchase are recycled (i.e used over and over) to make a profit. No thought is given to your business and your unique approach in the marketplace; not that they care anyway. This profit making, quick flipping business model will ruin your business success and affect the bottom line.

Why should I choose the monthly retainer over inbox triage?

The monthly retainer is the cheapest way to go compared to inbox triage. In addition, working with one designer and/or one team over time builds an understanding that can’t be brought. This understanding will assist both parties (me and you) to find what works, how to make it better and how to ultimately gain market share and compete in the marketplace.

How does the whole monthly retainer work?

After our mandatory preliminary process , our team identifies monthly, quarterly and/or yearly tasks that will put you in the best position to succeed. Every month certain things must be done in order to continue the momentum you’ve gained, take advantage of opportunities and above all else; BE CONSISTENT. Business fail everyday for a lack of consistency and focus.

On a monthly retainer can I get other things done that aren’t apart of the monthly pre-defined tasks?

Yes, within your package you will receive a certain amount of credits (i.e. hours) to use every month for tasks outside the scope of pre-defined tasks. Credits do not roll over from month to month so it’s important for you to be proactive and use our team for your success.

How doe the inbox triage work?

After our mandatory preliminary process, you can send us an email with the task and/or problem to solve and we will get the job done. Inbox triage takes a little longer due to the fact that we have to halt projects and/or find time for our team to complete the task.

How does the payment process work?

For inbox triage and monthly retainer payment is due up front before any work is completed by our team.

How long will it take to turn around standard tasks and/or things needed to complete?

For the Inbox Triage package our standard turn around time is 3-5 business days. For monthly retainer our turn around time is 1-3 business days for tasks outside of your Support Service Package.

Who will I work with during the support?

During the project you will work hand-to-hand with Bryan Bowser along with somebody our team. Bryan will always be involved in the project, while other team members will assist in areas of there speciality.

Will I have a say in the whole process?

Of course you will, team work makes the dream work.

How do you prefer to stay in contact and/or communicate during Support Services?

Our project management tool of choice is Basecamp. But you can shoot us an email and/or give us a call and we will update all tasks and next actions steps in Basecamp; which you can review at any time.

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