My Design Services

Unlike many others, I provide a limited amount of design services for the maximum amount of impact! I dig digger in fewer areas to gain much; instead of digging shallow in many areas to gain little. Speaking & Writing services coming soon...


The difference bewteen winning and losing.

It Starts Here! The Art of War identifies this task as laying plans and executing orders. It’s important to establish a firm strategy to base your online efforts upon; fail to do so and you could lose to your competition or even worst, lose your business! As the Bible states "Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed."

  • Strategy Sessions
  • Website Review, SEO & Newsletter Analysis
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Graphic Design

The foundation for every business.

Create a graphic design brand piece that will separate you from the competition and get results! Contrary to popular belief traditional print is here to stay; you still need to make a statement through a physical medium to express your professional brand and identity to your target market.

  • Logos & Brand Identity
  • Brochures, Flyers, Banners and Billboards
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Activities that reach the human soul.

No design project can ever give me the full satisfaction of helping other people get ahead in life. I know the struggle; I’m from the ghetto and I understand that sometimes people need a hand up and not a hand out! Therefore, until the day my body takes it's last breathe I’m going to give, I’m going to give and then give some more.

  • Resume Assistance & Design
  • At-Risk Mentoring Program
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Leave a lasting impression.

Thou Shalt Print High Quality, no exceptions, no excuses! Invest in your printing project and watch sales double and sometimes even triple after engaging with your target market. It is critical to (1) have a great brand identity, (2) create awesome graphic design and (3) have high quality prints. Only upon these three factors can you almost ensure business success.

  • Next Day Printing
  • Custom Printing

Support Services

I’m Your In-House Remote Designer.

There are only a few companies with a big budget that can afford to hire a professional web designer at $85K per year. Therefore, you need a great designer/developer on call who is reliable that can get the job done. My motto is; a reliable designer is like a good lawyer, it’s always better to be caught with one than without one!

  • Inbox Triage (A la carte) or Monthly Retainer
  • 1-3 Business Day Turnaround
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User Experience (UX)

The lifeblood of your website.

I cannot! And I repeat, I cannot think of any process that is more important for any website and/or mobile app than UX. Building a website without an in-depth user experience phase is like building a house without a blueprint. You’re website is a very complex system, and you should treat it as such. Enhance the experience, increase the repeat visitors and increase your bottom line.

  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • Customer Experience Maps and User Flows
Web design HTMl/CSS source code in sublime

Web Design

The Life of The Party!

A website is the foundation for your business, in 2016 this fact cannot be debated! 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience; that in turn lowers your sales; which in turn lowers your bottom line, and if unchecked; everybody’s laid off, you’re spouse is pissed, the dog is barking and you’re outta business! Invest in a great website and get it done right the 1st time! When done correctly your website should be able to endure and thrive for the next 3-5 years without a major redesign.

  • Small Business to large Corporate sites
  • eCommerce websites built with Magento or Shopify