MISLA, short for Made In South Los Angeles partnered with SEA Charter school and Bryan Bowser to provide inner city opportunities to active gang members and at risk high school students.

Consulting + Graphic Design + Philanthropy + Web Design

The Mission

Picture of murders on Death Alley on Vermont Ave in Los Angeles

Death Alley! The Red Dots represents a Murder.

MISLA was personal for me! Teaching my young students was a grim reminder of my reality not so many years ago. And, although my choice may have been different than my counterparts I understand there struggle. The ghetto environment is brutal, it kills the weak, handicaps the strong and jails the rest!

In the middle of South Central Los Angeles (Vermont & Manchester), 2 blocks from what the LA Times calls Death Alley, I worked in the kill zone daily! I'm from the kill zone so it was nothing new for me to hear helicopters, police sirens and drug addicts yelling at the top of there lungs. CNN found that "young African Americans in the inner city ghettos were more likely to die from gun volience than a child in Afghanistan and/or Iraq."

Therefore, and again I state this project was personal for me! I had to give back to the community that made me who I am today. If I could help one kid I would be content, but unfortunately some students got killed and for the others; I may never know. But this is my home, this is my land, these are my people and this is my story!

How We Made It Happen

I was officially called in to create the brand identity for MISLA. After our initial preliminary meetings MISLA asked would I be interested in teaching young students graphic design since I was from the area. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity, no questions asked.

MISLA Building

MISLA/SEA Charter School Headquarters.

Bryan Bowser meeting with students and staff

Bryan meeting with Staff and Students.

The Logo Process

One thing was clear, we had to represent South LA within the confines of a logo. Although this may sound easy the process was very complex and took a couple of rounds to get it right - Bryan Bowser.

For every logo I design there are many sketchs that establish the basis for the initial comps. Here are a couple of sketches that I created for the MISLA logo.
MISLA Logo Sketches
MISLA Logo Sketches
MISLA Logo Sketches

As ironic as it sounds the blue and orange color scheme represented the infamous Hoover Crips. MISLA headquarters is in the heart of the Hoovers; this wasn't done on purpose but orange happen to be the best color to show energy and excitement in the logo. In an attempt to change the location neighborhood’s “Death Alley” reputation, we created the “Tech Alley" logo to educate kids on the power of techonology.

Bryan Bowser 12 Stars

Business Cards

MISLA Business Cards - Front
MISLA Business Cards - Back
Los Angeles Downtown

MISLA Website

After many internal meetings and Starbucks coffee with add shots, I finished our official website. And I must say I'm very proud of our team work :)

ManeStreem Website - Homepage
ManeStreem Website - About Page
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