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ManeStreem is the premier on demand beauty services provider delivering the industry's leading beauty professionals directly to your door with the simple click of a button.

Consulting + Web Design

The ManeStreemers

There are three industries that will forever be in business; that is the criminal justice system, religious entities and women beauty products. ManeStreem was the pioneer for on-demand beauty (i.e. Uber for hair appointments) that catered to women and changed the industry forever.

Based in Philly, ManeStreem created the first application that allowed users to (1) log into an iPhone/Android app, (2) book an appointment for Hair, Makeup and Nails and (3) receive services the same day and/or sometimes within the hour.

Since the initial application launched on the iPhone, ManeStreem (only available on the east coast) has been featured in Good Day Philly, CBS, ABC and The Inquirer; just to name a few.

ManeStreem App Screen

The Bowser Approach

When the company was just an idea, by fate Bryan Bowser was introduced to the founder Jamie Santos. Bryan was tasked to create a website to capture the essence of the brand, while being easy to use but effective to communicate and/or educate a market on a brand new idea. Below we've listed a few goals we set out to accomplish during the ManeStreem project.

Capture The Idea

To capture the idea we had to understand the potential of ManeStreem and how to market to there target market.

Educate The Market

When a user visits the website, Boom! We educated potential customers about the ManeStreem Experience.

Increase Signups

Capture, Educate then lead the website visitors to sign up as a Manestreem provider and/or user.

"The ManeStreem challenge was to educate a market on a brand new idea. The approach was to compact information in easy digestible segments that would allow potential users to grasp the concept without any confusion."
Bryan Bowser

How It Works

Book a ManeStreem personal beauty service to your door in three quick steps.

ManeStreem App Screen

Browse the ManeStreem Menu and choose the service/style.

ManeStreem App Screen
Select Your Artist

Use our real-time map to select your artist. No cash to worry about.

ManeStreem App Screen
Book Now

A professional artist will be on their way to your home or office in 45 minutes or less. Its that easy!

ManeStreem App

The ManeStreem Website

My primary responsibility was to create a great website for a great company. We took the brand identity, color scheme and vision; then we created a simple to use website to support the ManeStreem iPhone/Android app.

ManeStreem Website - Homepage
ManeStreem Website - Top ManeStreemers
ManeStreem Website - Contact Investors
ManeStreem Website - Reports
ManeStreem Website - Blog
ManeStreem Website - Terms & Conditions

Success Indicators

Reach 1,000+ visitors in a month on website

Increase Investor Awareness & Contributions through website form

Educate the market on a new idea

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