Bryan Bowser with his Mother

My mother Linda Faye Grant sparked the fire inside of me to start a business and follow my passion and dreams! God Rest Her Soul.

How It All Started

In July 2011 at The Art Institute of Hollywood Bryan Bowser received a phone call that changed his life forever! During a color theory course he received the news that his mother was in critical condition at California Hospital with a life expectancy of 30 minutes! Although a shock, his mother’s fight with lung and metastatic cancer was known to all his classmates and professors at The Art Institute.

His mother won the battle at California Hospital that day and pulled through. But in August 2011 everything changed, he was forced to drop out the semester and care for his mother whose condition required hospice. 20 days into August and nine days before Bryan’s 25th birthday his mother succumbed to cancer at Bryan’s House along side his wife and close friends.

The Aftermath

After the initial shock, the funeral and after all the flowers and cards stopped; Bryan had to make a decision. Would he go back to The Art Institute? Due to the last year of missing classes, dropping out for a semester was the last straw; The Art Institute put him on probation even with all appropriate documentation. Would Bryan Bowser give up on life? Being the only child his mother just passed and his father’s suicide in 2006 was still a haunting memory. Or would he start a business?

“I have to keep moving”, Bryan’s wife Brandie Bowser recalls him saying. So he dropped out of The Art Institute started his business in October of 2011 and the rest is history.

As a full time freelance graphic/web designer Bryan has worked with the Chamber of Commerce UCNH, LAC + USC Medical Center, Octomom, and The Money Team. His focus is print design, user experience and web design. In addition Bryan has extensive front-end web development experience with technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Grunt, GIT, Compass, jQuery, JavaScript; along with back-end technologies in PHP, WordPress, MYSQL.

I’ve had to fight to survive! I’ve had to fight to make it to 18 years old! I had to fight even harder to make it to 21; but to make it pass 25, I’m truly blessed. I Will Win at Life, Accomplish My Purpose and be The Best Version of Myself.

Work Experience

Creative Director/Teacher
MISA/SEA Charter School

2014 - 2015

Bryan taught at risk students in South Central LA basic design skills while directing the ceation of the MISLA brand and representative clients.

Web Developer
Section Studios

2013 - 2014

A great learning experience for Bryan as he learned the professional workflow on a totally different level. His responsibilities included intense front-end web development using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, mySQL, GIT, Grunt and standard agile workflow using JIRA.

Web Designer/Developer
PXL Bros

2012 - 2013

Bryan Bowser first professional job with a design firm, PxlBros changed his life forever. With such a great Founder/CEO in Matthew Michalowski who took Mr. Bowser under his wings and taught him the ropes. Working with this digital design agency in the heart of Hollywood, CA. Bryan Bowser created innovative web and mobile applications that leveraged cutting-edge technologies.

Graphic/Web Designer
Chamber of Commerce UCNH

2011 - 2016

For 5 years Bryan Bowser was the lead print and web designer at UCNH Chamber of Commerce; the business hub for all companies located in Universal City, CA and North Hollywood, CA.

Graphic Designer/Caterer
Culinary Visionaires

2009 - 2011

Sales Associate/Logistics
Old Navy

2008 - 2009

Record Label Intern
Ceylon Records

2008 - 2010

Donor Service Group


Palet Jack Operator
Ralph's Grocery Inc.

2005 - 2006


Web Design & Interactive Media
The Art Institute - Hollywood

2012 - 2013

Left due to personal reasons

Studied extensively regarding print, mobile, user experience and web design theory. Education included but was not limited to color theory, illustrations, Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, digital media and print layout. Classes were more geared towards web development, W3C Standards, current and accepted web practices in the design industry. Didn’t finish the full program due to my mother’s terminal illness and untimely death.

Graphic Design & Web Development
ICDC College

2009 - 2010

Recieved Certificate

Graduated a 9-month certification course studying graphic design and front-end web development. This course established a fundamental understanding in all Adobe products such Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Indesign and Fireworks. The final section of the course briefly touched on front-end web development implementing HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Small Business Management
West Los Angeles College


Left to start design school

Attended West Los Angeles College learning the various elements that play into starting and running a successful small business. The small business program included Business 101, Marketing 101, Accounting 101, Introduction to Speech, English, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship and Business Law.

Small Business Management
Pace Business Development Center


Recieved Certificate

The Pace Business Development 5 Day Crash Course included business topics such as accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, law and taxes.

Recording Engineering Program
Los Angeles Recording School

2005 - 2006

Left due to personal reasons

Attended LARS to pursue an education in current recording technology; recording in a professional studio using industry standard equipment such as Pro Tools, Logic, Reason and Digital Sound Boards such as SLL and Neve. This course also included subjects on analog systems, microphone placement, digital effects and signal flow.

General Education
Inglewood High School

1999 - 2003

Recieved GED

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