Written by Bryan Bowser

February 19, 2017

What is the true definition of a freelancer? To the average person, a freelancer is someone who is still learning the business. A freelancer is still getting their feet in the mud of mediocrity. To an average person, a freelancer is a title for a student who just graduated college in his chosen profession.

This standard definition is abstract at best, subjective to the attitudes and outlook of each person. No one is exempt! No freelancer practicing a creative trade is exempt. No freelancer starting his business as a sole proprietor with dreams of owning a fortune 500 company is exempt. The image of a mediocre wanna be who is still learning and doesn't deserve full pay falls on the professional and the unprofessional alike.

So until the aha moment is sparked inside the heart of the freelancer, then and only then can it began your trail to success. Now let's get to the aha moment!

I ask again, what is the true definition of a freelancer? Given the term in a broader context, we may be able extract a meaning. For a freelance creative should command the same respect as an entrepreneur. How so? I'm an entrepreneur, I started my business in depths of despair like many others such as Henry Ford and Rockefeller. But I'm also a freelance designer, consultant, and writer who creates in my own world like Beethoven, Michelangelo, and Picasso.

For see a freelance creative is equivalent to startup entrepreneur. I believe the true definition of a freelancer is the creative aspect of his craft. For see, we only call people with a creative craft freelancers. An entrepreneur journey is into his business (i.e. marketing, accounting, law) but a freelancer journey is into his creativity (i.e. design, writing, painting).

We wouldn't dare call Beethoven an Entrepreneur! Some people may but we know that his business was not a traditional business in a sense but his business was that of creativity, so Beethoven was a freelance creative who played the piano.

Therefore, "Freelance" is the word that we should attribute to those gifted in creativity who deserve the same respect as their business counterparts and/or startup founders. We should not neglect the God-given gift of creativity, given to all, but only used by the few who dare to venture into the unknown parts of their creative mind.

We should attribute "Freelance" to those few who create reality from mere thought, bringing that which has never been, to be; from that which is never seen. Creativity is never seen! But a creative person is, therefore, a freelancer, seeing the unseeable (the vision), journeying into the unknown parts of his/her mind (the journey), completing the tasks (the action) and bring that unseeable into reality (the manifestation). His/Her tangible work is evidence of that creative existence in the ether.

I'm a freelancer! And if you're reading this article I can almost bet you're a freelancer! Steve Jobs was a freelancer because he mixed business knowledge with creativity. A freelance creative is a master of creativity, skilled in creation bringing forth tangible matter. This tangible matter is formed in the secret mind of God and man, therefore combined to establish that which can't be seen into the world that can be seen.

For him who masters his creative power should now and forevermore be considered a freelancer! We need a word to dedicate to those who dare to venture. That creative power should be respected because that creative power is the hardest the manifest in the land of the living!

So go forth and freelance; knowing you're one is thousand who dare explore the deepest valleys of your mind to create a beautiful masterpiece.