Written by Bryan Bowser

March 1, 2017

My fear is that this generation will lose it’s soul! My fear is that this generation will become the first generation to start the collapse of man. We live in a time of great uncertainty, amid chaos, confusion and destruction.

I hear some say “But we’ve always lived in a time under great uncertainty”. True! But nevertheless, we’ve never lived in a time when people walk the earth so empty — so soul-less. We’ve never lived in a time where man has the capability to destroy the whole planet at the press of a button. In summary, we’re living in the time of the empty, soul-less man that can destroy the world with the touch of a button.

Mankind is evil, mankind is wicked! God is Good. God is Just! But the heart is deceitful and wicked — who shall know it.

Technology has ripped the essence of man and turned him/her into a robot; programmed by Facebook, Snapchat, Corporate Companies, Politicians and Wall Street. Technology has further ripped the essence out of an already wicked man; and with technology — the Devil is stealing souls in high quantity and with better quality.

#praiseChrist Dare I say — I pled with thee! Cut off the TV & Put down your Phone!

Again! I ask and beg of you, Cut off the TV & Put down your Phone. You’re kids need you! Society needs You! Your Future Needs You! Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Consistent images that is contrary to God leads to destruction! You can't escape images this day and age. Trying to live the life that others clam to live is foolish, and it’s wicked.

But Wait You Say! That’s Not Me.

I reply; do you believe that you’re so intelligent that consistent imagery doesn’t affect your psych? Hell — consistent coffee affects your stomach! Consistent thought affects your future! So why wouldn’t consistent images not affect your mental being and potential to live a happy life. Are you immune to the laws of God and nature?

Cut off the TV & Put down your Phone! I believe from hence forward greatness will be measured by the man who can stay focus the longest. Maybe even the man who can balance soul and technology the best. Greatness will be measured by the man who didn’t allow the world to change his pure spiritual essence.

But hasn’t this been the battle since the beginning of time, the battle of good and evil; the battle of God & Satan.

Same battle — different tactics.

The television is stealing your spiritual essence. The television is contaminating your Garden of Eden; Your Mind. That cellphone you can’t live without is polluting your atmosphere with smog! No wonder you can’t see your way clear. No wonder you can’t see your vision — you’re visualizing everybody's else vision. Be still and listen to the Lord. Quite thyself and thy spirit to hear from the Creator of Creators.

Don’t be the nameless face who lived back then! Don’t be the same person talking about the good ol’ days. Wake up! These are the good ol’ days - you’re alive.

You say have no energy! You’re lying! I can show you some people who really don’t have no energy. I can show you a box with my mother’s burned remains — she has no energy! Well, no energy as it relates to what my eyes can behold.

Fellow man and friend — I beg of you, Cut off the TV & Put down your Phone! Use technology to your advantage. There is a freedom outside of that light box — live your life, chase your dreams and be who you were created to be.

One Love & God Bless