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Bryan Bowser

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It's been a honor to work with various clients including but not limited to celebrities, law firms, non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies and entertainment moguls.

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You’re too busy to worry about your designer! You’re only as strong as your weakest link; in 2016 you can’t afford to let your print/web designer be that link.
Tha Bowser
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What I Do At-A-Glance

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Three things establish the foundation for my brand. I design, I give and I strategize; upon these three matters I execute and achieve greatness!

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The core of my business is making things look GREAT. At heart I’m a designer and I have a great skill to turn a complex system into a beautiful masterpiece.

Man Shaking Childrens Hand

Before I ever designed my 1st CD Cover I gave back to my community through outreach and mentorship. I truly enjoy helping others thrive and reach there fullest potential.


Business is warfare and I’m a master strategist! Exploiting the weakness of your competition and emphasizing your strengths online is one of my favorite job duties.

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Some of My Work

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The reason I’m able to do great work is because I work with such great people. My work ranges from business cards, logos, websites, UX, printing projects, iPhone/Android Apps.

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Some Testimonials

Dorienne Brown Picture
Dorienne Brown

Founder @ A Tribe Called West

Bryan Bowser has truly amazing work and he is very easy to work with. Amazing work from amazing people.
Alice Haig Picture
Alice Haig

Model & Television Personality

If anyone needs a logo Bryan Bowser is the guy to see. So impressed with his work. He is just amazing!!
Ashley Glaspie Picture
Ashley Glaspie

Founder/CEO @ Block Party Concert Series

Bryan Bowser is phenomenal. His work speaks volume and eye catching. Bryan is prompt and easy to work with.
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Why Choose Me

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People do business with people and I’m a people person! I’m unique at what I do and come highly recommended because some of the following reasons listed below.

Same Agency Quality

The quality of my work rivals that of those expensive design agencies you’ve been asking for RFP’s. Most of the time agencies hire somebody like myself and double the price when they give you a quote.

Better Customer Service

Work 1-on-1 with me and my team to get the customer service you deserve. Working with a freelance designer allows for more schedule flexibility and interpersonal customer service to answer your questions.

Urban and Entertainment

If you’re looking for urban appeal and/or in the entertainment industry consider yourself to be in good hands! I can assist any company to reach urban markets, the entertainment field is my highest volume of work.

Designer & Developer

No shortcuts! No excuses! No exceptions! I love to design things and make them look nice, but I also have extensive development experience. I understand the in’s and outs of a complex website; and I can execute all the tasks if needed.